My Works

I’ve been in various Video Games and Anime shows. Here is a complete list of my works :

Video Games: 


1999 – Ape Escape (Unknown Character – Deleted Character) – SONY


1999 – Croc 2 (Unknown Character – Un Credited) – FOX


2001 – Extermination  (Captain Burke – Deleted Character) – SONY


2001 – Baldurs Gate – Dark Alliance (Unknown Character – Un Credited) – Interplay


2002 – Jurassic Park – Cancelled – Vivendi


2004 – Grand Theft Auto: Sanandreas (Pedestrian – Un Credited) – Take 2


2005 – Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Pedestrian – Un Credited) – Take 2


2006 – Saints Row (Pedestrian – Un Credited) – THQ


2006 – Bully (Unknown Character – Un Credited) – Take 2


2007 – 100 Bullets – Cancelled – D3 Entertainment






2013 – Knack – Currently Unknown Role – Sony Computer Entertainment


Unknown Video Games:

Ive been in 4 video games that i was not credited and completely forgot the names for. However, in my log journal ive kept over the years, i still know the publishers and the dates. I may or may not of been credited. Again, if anyone can help with these, i would be VERY appreciative.

Game 1: 2004 – Capcom  (Possibly a Resident Evil title?)

Game 2: 2005 – Sony

Game 3: 2005 – Electronic Arts

Game 4: 2006 – Activision

Upcoming Video Games:

TBA – TBA Role Playing Game – TBA Character –  Bethesda Softworks LTD

TBA – TBA Adventure Thriller – TBA Character – Konami


2003 – Inuyasha – Unknown Character (Uncredited) – VIZ Media

Sadly, i`ve had the misfortune of having ALL my appearances either deleted or un credited. I dont hold any amnesty at this, but it does make me feel pretty sad that nobody knows who i am due to this. Hopefully, this can be changed soon. I have worked with Sony on several occasions with voice acting (Mostly translations from Japan). Ive also been in a couple anime shows as well. As i am NOT a gamer, and only a VO artist, many of the ones i was not credited in, i put as “Unknown Character” since i dont have time to play and see. If anyone who stumbles across my blog and plays those titles, let me know and you might be able to help me identify them properly. All the ones i had my VO deleted, i was notified when it happened and so i know for a fact they were deleted.

UPDATE August 1st 2013: Ive been booked on THREE voice rolls this time from developers i worked with previously. Thank god. This time i will be requesting to be credited. Hope my luck changes since last time. I do know who im doing VO for, however, due to legal concerns i wont be able to say what game or character yet. Hope you can understand.

UPDATE November 7th 2013: I have revealed one of my newest roles, which is KNACK for the Playstation 4 console. Additionally, the 3D action adventure game from Take 2 has been cancelled before I was able to record my voices. I have also been signed on for a Konami adventure game.


10 thoughts on “My Works

    • I barely can reveal anything without risk of violating our “Non Disclosure” agreement. I was not informed during recording what character in bully I voiced. Im not even sure if it made it in the game.

      I cannot reveal anything about the new game aside the fact that this “new game” is being developed by Rockstar Games, but I was contacted via an agent with Take 2 (or 2K). I do not know anything else but that. They simply throw us in a recording studio, voice our lines, pay us out and be done with it. I have no idea which Rockstar Games branch this game is even developed with. We are not told anything.

      • It’s not GTA 5? I assume it’s a sequel to Bully, there’s been a few things pointing in that direction lately.

      • Since you guys are entertaining me, I will give a small hint, but this has to be it. Ok? 🙂

        GTA games are made oversees. I live in Canada. I once lived in USA and did voice acting, then traveled to the UK to do some voice over work for Rockstar/Take 2.

        My voice over is being done in Ontario,Canada in the next couple weeks. If you can piece it together, see what you can make of it.

  1. You got the Fallout 4 Gig Congratulations!! Though there are countless charachters in the Fallout games they all have sepcific name—as opposed to the numerous and always nameless “Townies” that you voiced in Bully—so hopefully you will at least get a proper credit. Good Luck Man and keep chopping away!

    • Its possible. 😉

      I did a bit of reading on the Fallout series a few weeks ago because my 14 year old son is a fan, and since I also never reveal to him my upcoming roles, he hinted that I may be working on Fallout 4. I did research and it turns out that Bethesda always credits their voice actors, so thankfully I might be credited this time. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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